Years after the death of his wife, John Travolta has heartbreaking plan to find new love

John Travolta refused to let his beloved wife Kelly Preston’s legacy be tarnished by falling in love with someone else when she passed away in 2020.

However, acquaintances now claim that the Pulp Fiction actor, who’s doing amazing as a single dad of two, might be prepared to start writing more about his romance with a different woman.


Find out more about Travolta’s romantic history by reading on!


Following the death of his wife Kelly Preston, 57, from cancer in 2020, Hollywood icon John Travolta, 69, has been by alone.

The couple, who had three children together, was incredibly open about their love, and since her passing, Travolta has felt the full impact of her absence, sharing his ongoing sorrow on social media.


The Hairspray star was drowning in grief when Jett, the firstborn child he shared with Preston, passed away in 2009 at the age of 16, just 11 years before Preston passed away.

In addition to the unbearable sorrow of losing his beloved wife and children, he also lost close friends and co-stars Kirstie Alley in December 2022 and Olivia Newton-John in August 2022.


It makes sense that he would want to keep his heart safe after all that.

Promise to remain single

According to people close to the Grease star, he first vowed never to date after losing his wife, believing that any future relationships would “be a betrayal of Preston’s memory.”

John maintains he will be faithful to Kelly until the day he passes away and still views himself as married. In terms of dating, it’s hands off. He has effectively vowed to live a celibate life, which is regrettable. The pal goes on, “He brings up Kelly all the time. Since their lives were so entwined, he finds it extremely difficult to go on.

In search of love
However, there have been whispers recently suggesting that the Saturday Night Fever star is prepared to fall in love once more.

Radar Online reports that the man who dazzled spectators with his crazy dancing skills is once more “prowling.”

The source says, “John just needed to feel ready, and he is now.” “He’s finally letting friends set him up on dates because he knows Kelly wouldn’t want him to live a lonely life.”

Not only that, but he’s so prepared that he’s thinking of hiring a matchmaker!

The insider stated, “He’s not asking for much; he’s just asking that she be gracious, kind, funny, and kind.” “It wouldn’t hurt to be attractive either.”

John Travolta is a wonderful, humorous, and brilliant man who truly deserves to experience love once more. We’re excited to accompany him on his adventure!

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