«Who stole Pitt’s heart after Jolie?» This is what Hollywood macho Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend looks like

The most famous couple in Hollywood, who most likely announced their divorce in 2016, brought their fans and lovers to tears. The most beautiful woman in the world has never once been seen with a man in all these years.

Her ex-husband, on the other hand, is rumored to have had a girlfriend for a number of years. At last, he gives the jewelry designer a call and becomes extremely irrational. The female is 30 years younger than him, which surprises him.

There were conflicting responses to this. While some think Jolie deserved to be at the Hollywood star’s side far more, others find her even more endearing and gorgeous, and yet others find it hard to believe Pitt fell in love with her.

Most importantly, they are thrilled that they discovered each other. You have no right to judge their union. Nothing else counts. It’s entirely up to them! », «I thought Pitt liked cute girls? », «What a bad decision».

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