Blake Lively appeared to have never given birth: she showed off her shape in a bikini two months after giving birth.

Famous actress Blake Lively showed off her physique in bikinis after giving birth to her fourth child. The actress shared a photo of her unwinding at sea.

“How does it feel to be a true goddess?” Her supporters praised her, saying things like, “You look like you never gave birth,” “Fantastic,” “How can you be so great after four births,” “That’s what the training regime means,” “I admire,” and “Wow, guys, she has four children,” calling her Queen.

Actor Ryan Reynolds, whom Blake Lively met while working on the “Green Lantern” set in 2010, and whom she married two years later, is her husband. In February 2023, the pair gave birth to a girl. There are three more kids in the family.

How do you feel about the gorgeous actress? Has she retained her incredible body?

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