Girl who was born in prison 18 years ago defies all the odds and will now study at Harvard

A girl who was born in a prison has managed to enroll in the prestigious Harvard University against all odds and predictions.

According to reports, Sky Castner, 18, was born in the Galveston County Jail.

Sky’s mother, who was arrested after she gave birth, has played a little role in Sky’s life ever since her father picked her up from the jail and began raising her as a single parent.

The idealistic young lady never wavered in her resolve to attend Harvard despite the repeated moves she and her father through as children. Sky, who was born in a prison 18 years ago, finished third in her class at Conroe High School last week, earning her a scholarship to study law at what is likely the most prestigious university in the world.

According to the Courier, Sky began her letter of application to Harvard with the phrase “I was born in prison.”

Sky was a “voracious” reader in elementary school and a student who excelled in the classroom even as a young child, according to sources cited by The Houston Chronicle. The teachers at Reaves Elementary believed that she need further mentoring in order to reach her full potential.

Mona Hamby and the CISD Project Mentor showed there to help. The Sky Courier overheard her saying, “I was given a document about her. She admired Rosa Parks, enjoyed reading, and adored the tacos at Dairy Queen. This sounds like a smart young lady, in my opinion. Today, I still have that paper.

Supposedly because they didn’t genuinely know each other’s mothers, Mona and Sky grew close.

She informed me, ‘I’ve been to jail,’ Mona continued. I responded, “No, that can’t be right. She needs more.” I was aware that I couldn’t just take this child to lunch once a week.

Sky’s mentor provided her tips on how to pick her first pair of glasses, have her first salon haircut, and enhance how much she liked her spare time.

“It was a very different environment than I grew up in, and that’s not a bad thing,” Sky said. “Everything Mona taught me was extremely valuable, just like everything I experienced prior to meeting Mona was extremely valuable.”

After visiting Harvard with Mona and her husband in 2022, Sky’s desire to go there only strengthened. James Wallace, a professor at Boston University, was consulted about her application.

Sky told the Courier, “He helped me to tell my story in the best way possible.”

Wow! What an inspiring story. Not sure about you, but I’m overjoyed for Sky. If you think Sky did a fantastic job overcoming the obstacles, please let us know.

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