“Disfigured”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ex-wife Overdid her Plastic Surgery Beyond Recognition

Maria Shriver was recently captured on camera strolling around the Santa Monica streets. It should be noted that it was challenging to tell the difference between the former model and Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife in a strange woman.

The journalist has changed beyond recognition, it seems like she was too fond of plastic surgery. Members of the network expressed their emotions without hiding how she overdid it.

Numerous people commented, “How awful she looks now,” “Spoiled her face,” and “Sad to look at her disfigured appearance.”

Do you recall when our heroine and Arnold got married last year? Despite the fact that the couple had been married for 25 years and had four children, the divorce process took them around ten years.

The man told his wife and their housekeeper that he had a son on the side, which caused the process to go awry. Shriver immediately filed for divorce rather than acting the victim. By the way, there is just one week between the birth of the Schwarzenegger family’s fourth child and the birth of an illegitimate son.

What do you think about Mariah’s depressing transformation?

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