This 25-year-old model is so stunning that she is dubbed “Black Barbie.”

In recent years, Duckie Thot has grown to be one of the most well-known and prominent models, and numerous illustrious designers and significant brands have asked her to participate in countless advertising campaigns. The 1995-born model has even earned the label “the black Barbie” of the fashion world, which was created behind closed doors in the fashion business.

The reason why things haven’t always gone her way, though, is mostly due to the ignorance and prejudice that have developed as a result of insensitivity and carelessness in society. She, on the other hand, persisted and, despite taking a hiatus from the fashion industry, returned to the international catwalk and is currently one of the most recognizable models in the world.

More than a million people follow her on Instagram, and many of them aspire to have her body and beauty. Duckie Thot, 25, was born and raised in Australia after her parents fled the South Sudanese civil war there.

She was fortunate to be able to move to Australia with her large African family, where she started her modeling career. The young woman truly has six brothers and sisters. She must have been inspired to choose this route by her sister, YouTube star Nikki Perkins.

Before she became the well-known “black Barbie,” Duckie had to cope with a fashion industry that wasn’t always accepting of diversity. The truth is that black models openly and frequently talk about how they are the only ones left working behind the scenes as a bunch of white women get more employment.

Fortunately, things are getting better here too, and we’re trying harder and harder to let go of our prejudices.

At the age of 17, Duckie Thot gained notoriety after placing third in the eighth season of “Australia’s Next Top Model.” After concentrating on her objective, Duckie made her catwalk debut in 2017. She is now followed by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide. They adore her dearly. Her followers adore her, and advertising companies are still fighting for her to appear in their advertisements.

Duckie is undoubtedly a confident and powerful young woman who would never, ever let criticism from a stranger to bring her down, but she had to put a lot of effort into improving herself in order to get to where she is now.

A wonderful example to follow and someone to admire for her extraordinary beauty!

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