Sisters perform “Never Alone” on The Voice and receive one million views in under 25 minutes.

An American reality show called “The Voice Blind Auditions” always brings out the best in hopeful singers. In this episode, we see the Cunningham Sisters wow the judges with an outstanding cover of Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly’s “Never Alone.”

The judges were perplexed when the sisters from Ohio started out by alternately reading the songs. Although Kelly Clarkson was the first to turn her chair around, Ariana Grande was the first to notice it.

All of the judges were surprised when the female singers began harmonizing, with the exception of John Legend.

Cunningham Sisters

Following the sisters’ singing, Legend and Clarkson got into a playful back-and-forth in an effort to win the girls over. Ultimately, Clarkson was triumphant.

Being the first winner of the popular reality competition American Idol, Kelly Clarkson is well-known. She used this fact to influence the girls.

The gospel music that John Legend sings, writes, produces, and performs is what made him famous. The girls ultimately chose Clarkson despite his best efforts to convince them that he could teach them because they were both gospel singers.

Over 1 million people have watched the video of their incredible performance on YouTube.

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