As the song Alleluia began to play, the skater brought tears to the eyes of all of the judges as well as the audience

Taryn Jurgensen can’t recall a time when she didn’t participate in figure skating, despite the fact that many people lack the essential skating skills. She stepped onto the ice, impatiently waiting for the music to begin as she did so. It turns out that she was working on some very amazing plans.Skates and other comparable equipment

On the ice-covered surfaces of rivers and lakes, people used a type. Jackson Haynes, known as the “father of modern figure skating,” is credited with creating the sport of figure skating in the 1860s. He came to the opinion that figure skating ought to be more significant and appealing.

Figure skating has a lengthy history and has seen the emergence of true pros in numerous nations throughout the globe. Taryn is skating on the ice, thus it stands to reason that she is at home.

She probably practiced it a couple thousand times before she made any form of action, leap, or lean. Tarina possesses great attributes including grace, intelligence, fluidity, and expression. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends after seeing that video to let them know about it.

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