Tiny pig that loves to be loved adorably objects when foster mom stops kissing him

 Tiny pig that loves to be loved adorably objects when foster mom stops kissing him

Pigs are also capable of love and affection, despite the fact that we’re not particularly used to it.

In fact, they can make wonderful pets that show people such tenderness.

Despite not being the most popular pets, those who own one usually have a great time having these pigs around.

Just take a look at that cute face.

Pork is a wonderful pet.

One illustration is a pig by the name of Blueberry who has a powerful personality that is difficult to ignore.

At just three days born, Blueberry’s mother was removed from him.

He weighed only 2.5 pounds when they discovered him, which was unusually low weight.


He was imprisoned in a cage by himself.

He didn’t think twice when they handed him food.

He simply dived in and consumed whatever he could. He was starving to death.

Blueberry was then sent to Tiny Hooves, a farm sanctuary, where the little pig received a complete checkup to determine his general health.

He had his ear bit off.

They now affectionately refer to it as the “little Nemo fin” because it caused a deformity.

Blueberry was fast to adapt as well.

The little guy started waving his tail at two days old. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Blueberry’s foster parents, Emilie and Kayla, say that it turns out that he likes to be hugged and kissed.

In fact, he insists on being kissed before bed.

He becomes enraged when kisses stop.

It’s safe to say that Blueberry adores kisses more than anything.

One of his foster parents remarked, “He’ll flip over to the side when you stroke his belly.” Compared to my cat, he was much smaller. He has a little bit of sass in him. He simply did not live up to my expectations.

They had a great deal of joy from blueberries.


The beautiful pig would even lick and sniff his foster parents while cuddling with them.

He’s a little bundle of charming energy.

He enjoys giving kisses just as much as receiving them.

He lavishes his parents with gifts, plenty of them.

They gave Blueberry their very best attention.

Before he left for his new home, “we wanted to make sure that he was healthy and old enough,” according to his foster mother.

Ultimately, Blueberry was sent to a farm where there were many rescued animals, and he immediately felt at home.

He raced and leaped around wildly.

He was having a lot of fun running up to the birds, she said. It simply felt ideal. Once he is older, they want to get him a friend. I am delighted with where he went. His family was a real windfall for him.

His new family simply adores Blueberry.

The idea that he has found his forever home, where he will receive the love he adores, is reassuring.

His present existence is the best one yet.

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