This animal is known as he is now the world’s longest surviving puppy

 This animal is known as he is now the world’s longest surviving puppy

The fact that this animal has survived for so long makes him well-known.

Scent Stones, a puppy who lived for 22 years and 59 days, is currently the oldest animal in the world.

Since Dirt Clods is already 156 years old, her record would be even more amazing when expressed in human years.

This five-grandmother has spent her entire life living in Carolina with her parents Bob and Julie Harrison.

Like any other dog, the creature is healthy and still likes to play and have her stomach caressed.

The family originally desired a large animal, but when Julie Gregory’s dad got Pebbles, he was enamored by her lovely look and

modest behavior. The dog consequently relocated to a new residence that day.

Since Specks is comfortable with her new fame and continues to perform her canine duty, she doesn’t mind the frequent yells of congratulations that echo throughout the house of her two-legged parents.

She loves music so much. Among other country musicians, she appreciates the music of Conway Feminism, the feminist, and Dwight Yoakam. Records were set, according to Julie.

The Greg family believes their long-living tail will live for a very long time and is pretty proud of their long-living pet.

“Pebbles has been with us through it: highs and lows, joyous memories and dreadful, and she has always been a spark of brightness in our life,” the dog’s owner said.

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