Sylvester Stallone’s son grew old and here is how his life turned out…

 Sylvester Stallone’s son grew old and here is how his life turned out…
For a very long period, Sylvester Stallone struggled with his “autism” diagnosis. At first, the ailment was attributed to the actor’s own health. But eventually, doctors gave up on this idea and began to attribute Sylvester’s speech problems to birth trauma. A few years later, the actor was affected by this diagnosis in a different way.

Stallone’s wife and he were ecstatic to have their second child. The young people showed the boy, whom they gave the charming name Sergio, to the public without any hesitation.

At one point, the father and the child both appeared in the film. In the play, he played Rocky’s son. On the TVs, he was never again seen.

The youngster last “flared up” in front of the public when he was three years old. On a magazine cover, Sylvester Stallone and Sergio appeared. But gradually the boy’s parents began to notice something strange.

Sergio didn’t interact with anyone, didn’t seem to notice anything around him, and didn’t want to play with his bigger brother. The little kid loved to doodle and listen to music.

He showed absolutely no communication skills. In the end, the parents decided to take the baby to the doctor. This is how they learned Sergio had autism. At first, Stallone thought the diagnosis wouldn’t be confirmed. But it didn’t.

After that, Sergio’s mother took up raising him. Stallone, on the other hand, began to work hard in order to fully support his family. Research shows that the boy’s brain is not affected and that he can learn.

Sergio had the opportunity to develop into a regular kid. Working with experts allowed the youngster to speak in brief phrases and, on rare occasions, reply to what was happening. He was especially inspired by the “Rocky” movies.

Stallone’s family could not endure such a stressful condition, therefore the couple separated. Sylvester not only gives his youngest kid the finest care he can, but also gives his ex-wife financial support. Better yet, he created a phony stream in the garden so Sergio could take pleasure in its sound.

In a previous interview, the actor stated that his relationship with Sergio is more friendly. Stallone struggles to adapt his son to his way of life and is forced to move in with Sergio in a particular neighborhood.

Stallone likens the son to a radio that isn’t working. He is either personable or completely oblivious to reality.

Sylvester is heartbroken by this as he had planned to develop a genuine paternal relationship with his kids.

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