Owner gets home and is led to bathtub by golden retriever to meet ‘new friend’ he brought home

 Owner gets home and is led to bathtub by golden retriever to meet ‘new friend’ he brought home

Crosby, a precious Golden Retriever, is the pride and joy of owner squishiepeachies, an Imgur user. He had other animals as well, but sadly they all died within a few months of one another.

I had siblings before I had none.

Squishiepeachies believed that Crosby was fine with being the lone dog, despite the fact that Crosby was obviously distraught over his loss.

Squishiepeachies made a mistake, though.

“Hello, I’m Crosby. On Imgur, squishiepeachies said, “He is the best good boy. He lost his cat friend about six months ago, and his best dog friend, who had been his companion since he was eight weeks old, died just over a month ago. In my opinion, Crosby has handled being the only dog in the house fairly well.

locating a buddy

It turns out that Crosby decided to go out and find a new furry companion for himself since he was bored of living without a BFF.

After coming home one day, Squishiepeachies found Crosby’s new preferred companion.

According to squishiepeachies, “On Thursday I came home, and instead of our usual scenario of Crosby howling with pleasure to see me, he led me right to the water.”

Squishiepeachies discovered a small, unknown kitten there that was meowing.

It appeared as if Crosby fetched the cat and brought the kitten into his home.

It seemed as though Crosby had retrieved the cat and brought the kitten inside.

Despite having a dog door, it’s definitely too high off the ground for this small baby to have slipped in, said squishiepeachies. “I’ve never seen this kitty before.” Crosby must have brought her inside, in my opinion.

The kitten’s vaguely familiar appearance made the whole scenario even weird.

Squishiepeachies notes that she “has a striking similarity to the feline companion he lost six months ago.” She has been seen previously, but no one seems to know who owns her, according to the neighbors who surround my home.

Things to do

The kitten was then taken by Squishiepeachies to check if it was microchipped, but it was not. Squishiepeachies had to make a choice as a result.

She was only recently spayed, though, and Squishiepeachies estimated her age to be around 4 months.

“The vet basically warned me that she would be put down if I took her to the shelter because there are already over 300 kittens waiting for homes at the county shelter alone. He advised me to either keep her or try leaving her outside and hoping she returns home.

One more sibling

Crosby went to all that work to find himself a new kitten, so Squishiepeachies figured they might as well keep it. Thus, Crosby is now extremely content with his new feline companion, Raina Lil Ray-Ray, which the Imgur user’s high school kids named.

Squishpeachies said in closing his tale:

Crosby apparently didn’t enjoy being the only dog after all.

We are very happy that Raina has such a loving home and a companion who plainly adores her.

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All of this was predestined, and Crosby was the one who made it happen! Check out the video of the cute couple below.

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