“Obnoxious & repulsive” dog gets dumped at kill shelter for no fault of his own

 “Obnoxious & repulsive” dog gets dumped at kill shelter for no fault of his own

The Corgi Pit Bull Terrier Mix Litter was facilitated by an unscrupulous backyard breeder. The two puppies from the litter, however, were extremely frail.

Pablo the puppy was basically just weak.

However, Picasso, his sibling, was born with a congenital deformity that gave him a crooked chin.

When the breeder saw Picasso’s “terrible” visage, he was appalled.

I dumped him into the animal shelter next to Pablo right away.

Picasso had perfect health.

However, it was especially evident that canines with a repulsive appearance like his lacked a taker.

However, the poor dog yearned for someone to overlook his deformity and embrace his sincere adoration.


A woman named Riesel Wilhart offered to spare Picasso and Pablo just before they were due to be executed for being “unacceptable”

Liesl is passionate about assisting dogs with impairments and runs a small rescue organization called “Luvable Dog Rescue.”


Along with nine other rescue dogs, Picasso and Pablo have moved into their new home. Pablo eventually found happiness, but he passed away from a brain aneurysm. Picasso suffered from sadness for months as a result of this tragedy, which caused Lisle to worry about her wailing puppy.

Picasso regained his strength through training service dogs for persons with impairments. The dog ended up being a born therapy dog. Picasso was entirely absorbed in helping the bereaved and the disabled after receiving the certificate.

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