Goodwill Employee Opens Box of Donations, Unexpectedly Finds Four-Foot Snake Inside

After receiving a box of donated goods, a Goodwill store in Virginia discovered something unexpected within.

After finding something quite unexpected—a four-foot-long snake—inside a package of donated books, a Goodwill employee in Stafford, Virginia was shocked!

Goodwill receives donations of various kinds, but the snake must have surprised everyone. What kind of snake it was is unknown.

Captain J.A. Bice of Animal Control was in the area when the worker contacted for assistance. A Harry Potter-themed social media post claimed that he had successfully captured the snake and released it back into the wild.

The post states, “[Captain Bice] was nearby and responded quicker than any Seeker could.” With the help of his persuasive abilities and a little Parseltongue, Captain Bice managed to remove the snake without incident and return it to its natural habitat.


“During the incident, no deputies, employees, or snakes were harmed.”

The snake appears to have thought of the box as a cool place to hide rather than having been purposefully donated or placed inside.

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office stated in a letter that “with the recent rise in temperatures everyone is trying to beat the heat, even the local wildlife.”


The unintentional donation of an animal to a thrift store has happened before: in 2022, a family gave a recliner to the business without understanding that their beloved cat was hidden within.

The Goodwill employee must have been taken aback by this, but we’re relieved that everything worked out and the snake was allowed to return to its natural habitat!

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