Taylor Swift Mocked for ‘Granny Panties’ After Dress Opens Up Unexpectedly in Front of Fans

She is currently perhaps the largest music performer in the world, bringing tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fans to any location where she performs. Her stock has experienced a parabolic ascent similar to that of Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

However, rumors claim that Taylor Swift is not immune to the occasional wardrobe malfunction.

Last weekend, the 34-year-old singer traveled to Stockholm to play three sold-out gigs. Between 150,000 and 200,000 individuals, some traveling from as far away as the US, flocked to the Swedish capital, if estimates are to be accepted.

Like everything Swift has done recently, her magic transformed the three concert nights into gold, garnering positive reviews and adding to the already enormous hype surrounding her Eras Tour.

However, there was a brief instance on her third night in Stockholm when Swift experienced a minor wardrobe malfunction in front of the crowded audience, hinting at the possibility that she might not be immortal after all.


According to accounts, the supermodel artist’s blue dress unzipped shortly as she sat down at the piano, exposing her gold bralette and glittery black shorts underneath.

Swift, who is always the ultimate professional, quickly pulled the group back together before starting to perform a heartfelt version of her never-before-heard live hit How Did It End?

That may have been the case because—let’s be honest—other performers have experienced far worse accidents while performing live, but the internet is what it is these days.


Shortly after, the video of Swift’s dress coming open made its way to TikTok, where some people were eager to criticize the Bad Blood singer.

She has shorts that resemble diapers. Very unattractive,” a person commented on Facebook.

Another person on Instagram said, “Those look like granny panties…look good on her.”

One third even suggested that the celebrity might be pregnant. “Looks a little round on the lower abdomen, hmm. Is there anything she wants us to know? They penned.

About the dress slide, a fourth person commented, “It looks intentional.”

A fifth person added, very sharply, “Well she is used to taking her clothes off soo.”

Unexpectedly, a sixth person commented, “She’s a hot mess [and] has been!”

“Has been,” like almost every other critique above, is blatantly inaccurate. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to silence critics in these kinds of circumstances, and we are confident that Taylor has outlived the need to care what they have to say.

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