Jennifer Lopez Wears Revealing Dress That Took 800 Hours to Make

It is reasonable to suppose that the A-list celebrities and their teams spend a great lot of time considering what to wear to major celebrity events and red carpets.

Ultimately, it pays to be shrewd when it comes to one’s attire in an era where images and videos are shared online practically instantly. Since some dresses can take up to 800 hours to manufacture, some celebrities these days feel compelled to choose their outfits well in advance of an event!


That was the case, at least, with the outfit Jennifer Lopez wore earlier this month to the Met Gala. With “Garden of Time” as the theme, the singer—whose name is presently making headlines due to rumors of her marriage to Ben Affleck—went all out.

More than 800 hours of hand stitching were reportedly required to bring Lopez’s translucent, mermaid-style silver gown to reality.

Furthermore, when Lopez wore it on the red carpet, the 2,500,000 silver foil bugles and beads that were used to put it together created an absolutely breathtaking spectacle.


Given the occasion, it goes without saying that the This Is Me Now singer received a lot of support; yet, if we’re being really honest, Lopez’s critics were also very vocal.

The celebrity received some rather critical feedback about her appearance, with some claiming that J-Lo was using photo altering software to try to mask her appearance.

She displays her age. Face,” a user said on Instagram.


“We’ve seen the unfiltered picture of this and it’s not the same,” someone another commented.

“Your face is old and wrinkled,” a third person said.

Meanwhile, a fourth said: “Why does she manipulate her photos? She is older, as everyone is aware.


Naturally, Lopez is far more concerned with other issues than the assertions made by online users she has never met.

There have been recent speculations claiming that she and actor Ben Affleck are having marital problems. After getting married in 2022, the two rose to prominence as one of the most “It” couples in the entertainment world. However, recent reports indicate that they may be divorcing.


We should emphasize that this is all merely conjecture at this moment and that neither Lopez nor Affleck have made any formal confirmations. Nevertheless, if you believe in the proverb that “there is no smoke without fire,” this presents an interesting scenario.

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