How frequently should you clean your bra? The answer may shock you.

Ever pondered how frequently to clean your bra? When influencer Laura Henshaw revealed in a recent podcast episode that she only washes her bra once a month, it created quite a stir. The question of when and why bras should be cleaned has come up as a result of this discovery.

The Great Debate: How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

There isn’t a simple response to this query. It depends on a number of variables, including your lifestyle, your preferences, and the kind of bra you’re wearing. If we’re being really honest, a lot of us own a favorite bra that we wear frequently but may not wash as frequently as we ought to. On the other hand, experts advise cleaning bras every two to four wears. Let’s examine the rationale behind the suggested frequency.


1. Hygiene on a personal level

Because bras are in close proximity to the skin, they may gather bacteria, oils, sweat, and dead skin cells. Frequent washing removes these accumulated materials, promoting hygiene.

2. Odor Control

A bra may begin to smell bad when sweat and bacteria accumulate in it, especially if it is worn frequently without being washed. Your bras will smell better and remain fresher longer if you wash them often.

#3. Skin Disorders

In particular, if you have sensitive skin, not washing your bra frequently can aggravate it. Buildup of dirt and bacteria can result in illnesses, redness, or even itching. Frequent cleaning promotes healthy skin and helps stave off these problems.


#4. Duration of Life

You may increase the life of your bras by cleaning them frequently. Over time, perspiration, oils, and dirt can cause the fabric’s suppleness to deteriorate. Your bras will last longer if you take proper care of them and keep them clean and in shape.

#5. Coziness

It’s a fact that a clean bra feels considerably more comfortable to wear than one that has been worn repeatedly without being washed. Better support, breathability, and general comfort are provided by clean bras.

Overall Advice

Although it’s normally recommended to wash bras after two to four wears, certain situations may call for more regular washing. For instance, you might need to wash your bras more frequently if you perspire a lot or sweat a lot when doing certain activities.


Additionally, different bra kinds need different maintenance. It may be necessary to hand-wash delicate, lacy bras or to store them in a lingerie bag to preserve the fabric while washing. Sports bras, which are frequently worn for strenuous physical activity, may need to be washed after each usage in order to remove perspiration and odors.

The Last Word

Although many were astonished by Laura Henshaw’s revelation that she only washes her bras once a month, it does emphasize how important it is to prioritize personal cleanliness and taking good care of our undergarments. Although it’s a good idea to wash bras every two to four wears, individual circumstances and preferences should be taken into account. Regular washing keeps your bras odor-free, clean, and in good shape, which promotes comfort, confidence, and general health.

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