How many ducks are in the picture? The viral challenge sweeping the internet, explained

What is the number of ducks in the image? The explanation of the internet’s trending viral challenge

In the image, how many ducks can you make out? The internet has been going crazy about this easy-to-solve but challenging puzzle lately.

You may initially believe there are only a few ducks—roughly nine—at first glance. However, be less certain! It takes sharp observation to find all the ducks, just like it did to find Waldo in a crowd. You’ll see that each row has more than just a few ducks if you examine it more closely.

Let’s tackle this fluffy puzzle together as many on social media have been arguing over the right response.

If we closely examine the first row of ducks from left to right, we will see that there is one duck, two ducks, and then two more ducks in a subsequent group. Every duck in the second row gets doubled once more. There are two solitary ducks in the third row after a triplet of ducks. It can be perplexing, isn’t it?

In mathematical terms, it looks like this: 1+2+2+2+2+3+1+1. Finally, the sum amount equals… WARNING: SPOILER ALERT sixteen! Indeed, this image contains sixteen ducks.

So, did you make the right guess? Are you as wise as an owl, or did you turn out to be a little dimwitted? Find out who in your flock is the best bird watcher by taking on this entertaining challenge with your pals!

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