Her Son’s Hair ‘Breaks All The Rules’ And Now She Can’t Find A School

Children frequently encounter obstacles that keep them from going to school, whether as a result of institutional regulations or personal decisions. These circumstances can be very distressing, particularly if the educational system is inflexible.

For London-based eight-year-old Farouk James, this is exactly the situation. Farouk’s father is from Ghana, while his mother is Caucasian. Farouk’s mother waited until he was three years old to cut his hair, honoring his father’s wishes. They didn’t realize, though, that his hair would grow back so thickly.

While they first put off cutting Farouk’s hair, his mother revealed in an interview with Good Morning America that they had no idea it would grow as much as it did.

Farouk has chosen not to clip his distinctively curly hair. His mother is totally in favor of him and thinks he shouldn’t have to chop his gorgeous hair. They differ, though, because the school system has its own set of regulations.

Miller, the mother of Farouk, has been looking for a school for her son nonstop. Sadly, a lot of schools have tight rules that forbid Farouk’s hairdo. It has become challenging to locate a school that will take him because of this.

A policy at one school forbids dreadlocks and other “extreme” haircuts. Boys are required to wear their hair longer than their collars; the shortest cut that is permissible is a “number two” cut.

While boys are required to wear their hair short, girls are permitted to have long hair at another school.

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