Dakota Fanning revealed how generous Tom Cruise is – he remembers her birthday every year

A mainstay in Hollywood since she was a young girl, Dakota Fanning has shared some hilarious memories about her time spent there. Fanning’s career has been full of interesting experiences, from her early days as a child actor to her most recent work on the Netflix series “Ripley.” One such experience is her unique relationship with Tom Cruise.

During a recent interview to promote her Netflix series, Fanning talked back about how Cruise gave her her first cell phone, a Motorola Razr. She excitedly reminisced about the time they spent filming “War of the Worlds,” expressing how happy she was to get such a wonderful birthday present from the Hollywood legend.

Even though Fanning was only 11 years old at the time and had no one to text or call, she thought it was cool to have her own flip phone. She spoke warmly about the event, expressing how much she enjoyed it and how, at the time, it made her feel so “cool.”

Even more touching is Fanning’s admission that, even since they collaborated on the movie, Cruise has kept up a kind custom of giving her birthday presents each year. Cruise carried on the custom, making sure she got a gift from him even when she just celebrated turning thirty.

Fanning describes Cruise’s actions as “really, really nice” and expresses her sincere appreciation for his continued generosity. Her respect for Cruise’s kindness and thoughtfulness is evident.

Co-star of Fanning in “Ripley,” Andrew Scott, made a lighthearted remark about Cruise’s magnanimity and joked that he was surprised that Cruise hadn’t done the same for him.

The news of Cruise’s long-lasting relationship with Fanning is a comforting reminder of the sincere friendships that may develop in the entertainment business. Their friendship shows how deep relationships can last a lifetime and goes beyond the limitations of a movie set.


Fans will be touched by this touching tale of Cruise’s generosity and Fanning’s gratitude for his ongoing generosity, which also serves as a helpful reminder of the value of compassion and forethought in sustaining meaningful relationships. Spread a little happiness and honor Tom Cruise’s philanthropic attitude by telling this touching story.

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