Parents chose to keep their baby out of the public eye to protect her from prying stares. Now, at the age of two, she blossoms into a beautiful child.

In addition to the usual efforts parents make to keep their kids safe, these parents went above and above for their daughter. In April 2021, Vienna Brookshaw was born in the United Kingdom to her mother, Celine Casey. Vienna had a birthmark between her eyebrows on her forehead that Casey noticed the first time she met her.

Vienna’s birthmark, known as congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN), had no negative effects on her health, but her mother was concerned that it may cause Vienna emotional distress as she grew older. A baby with CMN is born with a swarm of benign pigment cells that may have increased as Vienna grew older.

Vienna has an uncommon ailment, and no one could have predicted the extent to which the birthmark would enlarge with age. Vienna’s mother, Casey, didn’t want her to face any difficulties as a result as she grew older.

Casey questioned the physicians immediately, asking whether there was anything they could do about the birthmark. She was concerned that Vienna would become furious with her parents in the future if they didn’t take it down.

“We enjoy watching her grow on her journey, and we look forward to the day she grows up and can express her own thoughts,” said Casey, the loving mother. Even if we retained the birthmark, we would still be in love with her.

Vienna’s birthmark caused others to stare at her when she was a baby, which is why Casey wanted to remove it. Casey observed that her infant was not being handled the same way as other babies. She became even more motivated to have the birthmark removed as a result.

The National Health Service (NHS) declined the surgery since they typically decline procedures that are not required for an individual’s physical well-being. They believed the surgery to be cosmetic rather than necessary.

Casey therefore launched a campaign to raise more funds for the surgery from other sources. $52,000 was contributed by kind people in a single day. Sadly, this was insufficient because medical expenses had skyrocketed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the procedure, the young parents required an additional $27,000.

Once more, they turned to GoFundMe for assistance in paying the additional expenses associated with their daughter’s birthmark removal procedure.

“Everyone has things they feel unsure about in their body,” the worried mother clarified. Vienna’s mental health wouldn’t be impacted at this time, according to the doctor. However, it was not how we saw it. She will begin school at age three, and young children are perceptive enough to pick up on such details.

Vienna is two years old now, and she no longer has any birthmarks. A tiny scar on her forehead is all that remains of the sign. Her mother Casey frequently remarks on how “gorgeous” her newborn girl is and provides regular updates on her daughter’s healing progress.

Vienna’s parents traveled to London to have the surgeon assess the healing of the tiny scar on her forehead, even after the birthmark was removed. After the three procedures and therapies she had previously had, they wanted to make sure she didn’t need any more. She is a healthy two-year-old today, though, and she is not in need of any further medical attention!

Many well wishes are being sent to little Vienna. We hope she continues to be well forever! Please feel free to forward this to others so they can also hear her story!

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