Kate Middleton spotted in public for first time since abdominal surgery, claim onlookers

Kate Middleton has finally been spotted out and about for the first time since her January surgery, capping 84 long days of rumors and conjecture.


Following the controversy around the picture of Kate that was released for UK Mother’s Day last week, speculation seemed to reach a fever pitch. Fearing it had been altered, the world’s top photo agencies withdrew the image; the Princess of Wales eventually acknowledged changing it herself.

This led to a plethora of fresh inquiries over Kate Middleton’s welfare. Recall that she hadn’t been seen since Christmas, and following her “planned abdominal procedure” at the London Clinic in late January, not much was mentioned about her condition.


When Kensington Palace first announced that Kate would be going back to her royal engagements following Easter, they did not specify precisely what kind of surgery she needed.

The public’s imaginations have been allowed to run wild as a result, and conspiracy theories—which can range from the vaguely plausible to the downright absurd—have proliferated online.


In light of this, maybe Kate Middleton’s first appearance in 84 days can help put the craziest rumors to rest once and for all. The 42-year-old was reportedly sighted over the weekend going to her favorite farm shop; during this expedition, she traveled just one mile from Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

Witnesses reportedly told The Sun that they were “shocked” to see Kate and that she seemed “happy, relaxed, and healthy” as she looked through the merchandise.


“I was stunned to see them there after all the rumors that had been going around,” an eyewitness remarked. Kate was content and well-groomed as she went shopping with William. Although the children weren’t with them, it’s encouraging that she was well enough to visit the store.

As previously mentioned, sightings of Kate have not been “a thing” in several months, and the Royal Family has kept remarkably silent about the reason behind her health issues.

That is typically standard procedure for The Firm, and the public is accustomed to being kept in the dark about the secrets the Royal Family likes to keep hidden if they have something important to conceal.

However, in this case, the concealment has probably done more harm than good, as royal enthusiasts everywhere are persuaded that Kate’s situation is more complicated than it first appears.

Regardless, it’s encouraging to learn that the Princess is feeling well enough to venture outside of her house once more following a concerning period of uncertainty.

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