The Power of Social Media: Turning Misfortune into a Second Chance

After serving time for a failed drug sale, Mark Cropp, a young guy from New Zealand, found himself at a crossroads. This is an amazing story of redemption and the power of social media. Mark made a choice that would alter his life forever because he was determined to start over after being released.

Fueled by homemade alcohol, Mark and his brother decided to tattoo his moniker on his face while he was incarcerated. With a homemade ink created by mixing toothpaste with melted plastic, they brazenly wrote “Devast8” all over his lower face and jaw. Mark had no idea that his snap decision would serve as a continual source of regret.

After being freed, Mark had to deal with the hard realities of unemployment. His face tattoo became a significant barrier, despite his desire to assist his spouse and little daughter and reintegrate into society. The obvious ink turned off potential employers right away, making it almost impossible for Mark to get employment.

Mark looked to social media for assistance in his desperate search for a solution. He shared a selfie of his unique tattoo along with a plea for a job and a fresh start. His sincere request attracted the notice of Sacred Tattoo, a tattoo studio well-known for its community service in Auckland.

After hearing Mark’s tale, Sacred Tattoo was moved to perform a remarkable deed of kindness. In order to get rid of the “Devast8” tattoo on his face, they offered him complimentary laser treatment sessions. This kind deed demonstrated the influence of empathy and second chances while also highlighting the potency of social media.


With the help of Sacred Tattoo, Mark was able to get rid of his facial tattoo and land a job at a scaffolding company where he was paid fairly. This incredible recovery demonstrates the significance of giving people a second chance at life and the transforming power of redemption.

Mark’s experience serves as a potent reminder that everyone is entitled to a second opportunity at life. Every person has the capacity for development and transformation, regardless of their previous transgressions or external look. We can build a community that values atonement and second chances by doing deeds of compassion and understanding.

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