Say Goodbye to Creepy Crawlies with This Simple Hack

Insects in the house are not unusual, particularly in the summer. Certain pests are bearable, but others can give even the most courageous of us the willies. Consider earwigs as an example.

Small insects called earwigs can have entered your house without your knowledge. Despite their ominous appearance, they pose no threat. Still, the majority of individuals would rather not have earwigs running around their living areas. If this describes you, continue reading for a shrewd tip on how to ward off these creatures.

Recently, Facebook user Alicia Alexander revealed a technique she found useful for getting rid of earwigs. She recommends setting up a shallow basin outside on your deck or in your lawn with half a cup of olive oil in it.

Alicia claims that the sweetness of the olive oil attracts the earwigs. They cannot climb out of the bowl once they have entered it. Alicia used this procedure and in less than a day was able to catch a good quantity of earwigs.

Earwigs trapped in olive oil

And the bowl was full of more trapped earwigs after 36 hours.

More earwigs trapped in olive oil

Thus, if you’re having trouble with an earwig infestation, this easy trick might be just what you need!

We don’t want to concern you more than is necessary, but an unusual number of earwigs in your house can be a sign that there are decaying wood problems. Rotten wood attracts earwigs, which can contaminate it. Therefore, if you see an increase in earwig activity, it’s imperative that you inspect any wooden structures in your home.

There’s no need to panic, though, if earwigs are looking for warmth within your home. It is not expected that their presence will negatively impact you or your house in any way.


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