Patricia Richardson: No Time for a Home Improvement Reboot

Patricia Richardson, best known for playing Jill Taylor on the popular television program Home Improvement, has declared that she is not interested in seeing the show renewed. The 66-year-old actress expressed her opposition to the notion and criticized her on-screen spouse, Tim Allen, for reportedly circulating rumors about a potential reunion in an interview with the Back to the Best podcast.

Richardson gave a firm “No” when asked if she would be interested in seeing a revival of Home Improvement. She thinks it “weird” that Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who portrayed their on-screen kid, and Allen haven’t even spoken to each other despite Allen’s public claims that everyone is in favor of a reunion.

According to Richardson, she recently got in touch with Thomas to find out if Allen and him had talked about a reboot. Thomas surprised her by saying he had never been asked about it. That Allen would make such statements without first consulting the original cast members strikes Richardson as odd.

Richardson states she has never been approached to work on another home improvement project since the show’s conclusion nearly 25 years ago. Furthermore, she wouldn’t be interested even if the chance presented itself. The actor who played their eldest son, Zachery Ty Bryan, is currently a felon, among the many reasons she gave. Actor Taran Noah Smith, who played the youngest son, is no longer performing. Thomas, however, is primarily concerned in writing and directing. Furthermore, Wilson’s actor, the late Earl Hindman, is no longer with us.

A revival excluding Wilson and the other original cast members, according to Richardson, would fundamentally alter the dynamic of the program. She thinks it would be “very weird” to try to recreate the enchantment of the original series since it would be impossible.


Richardson believes that Home Improvement had its moment and concluded on a positive note. She feels it should remain that way because they made the proper decision to leave before the show’s quality fell.

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Tim Allen has made references to a potential Home Improvement reunion throughout the years. He spoke about staying in touch with Richard Karn and “the boys” and how they had spoken about developing a spinoff in a recent interview with The Messenger. The notion of a new program named Home Improvement has been floated, however nothing firm has emerged.

In an interview with E!, Allen disclosed that a revival was in the process of being developed following the ABC cancellation of Last Man Standing and its subsequent renewal by Fox. Serious talks about reviving the show were held, and a plot centered on the guys as real estate salesmen was also entertained. These ideas, however, were shelved when Last Man Standing relocated.

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