How To Take Care Of Invading Lady Beetles

While Asian lady beetles and ladybugs may have similar appearances, there are several notable distinctions to be aware of. Asian lady beetles can be invasive, bite, and even infiltrate your home in huge quantities, but ladybugs are safe and helpful because they feed on pests.

Asian Lady Beetle Invasion

Asian lady beetles can be distinguished from ladybugs by looking for the “M” form around their heads. While ladybugs want to stay outside, Asian lady beetles tend to infiltrate dwellings. Unlike ladybugs, Asian lady beetles can bite and leave a yellow substance behind.

Asian lady beetles frequently take refuge in homes as the temperature cools off, so it’s critical to find a way to manage them. Luckily, Autumn McWhorter, a Facebook user, offered a straightforward and practical fix.

Mason Jar with Solution

This is how the solution can be made:

Combine two cups of warm water in a mason jar.
Add four drops of liquid dish soap and four tablespoons of sugar.
Give the mixture a good stir.

If Asian lady beetles are frequently seen in the region, leave the mason jar with the solution out. The solution will draw the beetles, and once they are inside the jar, they won’t be able to get out.

Try this easy, affordable, and efficient hack if you’re sick of dealing with bothersome Asian lady bugs taking over your house. We appreciate Autumn providing her excellent advice!

Asian Lady Beetle
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