Donald Trump Shares Video of Joe Biden Restrained, Hogtied On Back Of Truck

Nobody seems to be holding back in the heated political environment that is currently developing before the 2024 presidential election, especially not Donald Trump. Trump recently posted a startling video of Joe Biden being hogtied and detained in the back of a pickup truck on his Truth Social account.

To be clear, this is a frightening invention rather than an actual vision. The 20-second video was uploaded on Friday and features a truck with the name “Trump 2024” flying American flags with pride as it drives down a highway. The license plate says “Trump4US,” and there’s a Photoshopped picture of Biden on the rear of the vehicle that makes him look like he’s being held against his will.

It’s significant to remember that this video was released the day after Trump was in New York attending a wake for a dead NYPD officer. Protesters gathered both inside and outside the venue when Biden and former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton attended a fundraiser in Manhattan.

It should come as no surprise that Michael Tyler, the campaign spokesperson for Joe Biden, condemned the video right away. Tyler compared it to harmful rhetoric, such as the now-famous Trump quote in which he called on the far-right extremist group Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” He also brought up the incidents on January 6th to criticize Trump’s ongoing inciting of violence.

However, Steven Cheung, the campaign spokesperson for Trump, adopted a different position and accused the Democrats of using the legal system as a weapon against him. He made reference to the several ongoing criminal indictments that include the 45th President as a defendant.

It would be an understatement to suggest that these political struggles are becoming ugly. Seeing such divisive strategies employed in the quest for power is depressing. It is imperative that voters maintain their knowledge, distinguish between fact and fiction, and concentrate on the subjects that are most important.

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