Dad and Twin Sons Spread Warmth and Kindness to Needy Families

Occasionally, we see a touching deed that lifts our spirits. When someone goes above and above to assist others without expecting anything in return, those are the special moments. Not only do these deeds of compassion improve the planet, but they also make us happy and grateful.

Henry and Harrison McDaniel, Shane McDaniel’s twin kids, are prime examples of this type of selfless person. Shane wanted his lads to carry on his father’s firewood harvesting tradition, which he had learned from him as a child. They had no idea how much of an impact their work would have on their neighborhood.

After a strong storm, the family—who reside in Lake Stevens, Washington—had a big chore ahead of them. Shane clarified, saying, “I had to cut a lot of wood because of storm damage and fallen trees. It simply continued to pile up. We thought we could do better with the wood if it reached a certain quantity.

Together, they devised a plan that benefited individuals in need in addition to getting rid of the extra wood. Shane said to PEOPLE Magazine, “It’s chilly and damp in the Pacific Northwest, which makes it a very rough place. My eyes were awakened when I began and realized the need. We basically started giving it out because so many people were stopping and requesting to buy it.

Shane, Henry, and Harrison chopped enough firewood between March and October 2018 to fill an incredible eighty trucks! Shane made a sincere request for assistance in gathering the extra firewood on Facebook. Their deed of charity attracted a great deal of attention, and others were moved by their generosity. Even helping to distribute the firewood to people unable to gather it themselves was done by volunteers.

“It’s a pretty wonderful thing to see,” said Shane. It’s as though they’ve never felt more proud or sharing than they do now. When you show kindness to others, it stays with them. I enjoy being of service to others.

This touching tale serves as a helpful reminder that even seemingly insignificant deeds of kindness can have a significant impact. It serves as evidence of the strength of compassion and community. We salute you, Shane, Henry, and Harrison, for your altruism and commitment to making the world a better place for people in need!

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