Conjoined Twin Abby Hensel Gets Married

One half of the well-known conjoined twin duo, Abby Hensel, recently got married in a lovely ceremony. The 34-year-old former TLC reality star married Army soldier and nurse Josh Bowling after becoming well-known in 1996 on The Oprah Winfrey Show with her sister Brittany. The couple, according to public records, exchanged vows in 2021.

In the wedding photo posted on the Hensels’ Facebook page, Josh is seen standing in front of Abby and Brittany, holding their hands while sporting a chic grey suit. Both women look lovely in their wedding gowns. Their love and unity are well captured in this touching picture.

The twins still live in their Minnesota hometown as fifth-grade teachers. Together, they have created a life where they follow their passion for learning and motivate others through their amazing tale. Josh’s Facebook page also features photos of them having fun together, like when they eat ice cream. He identifies himself as a veteran, spouse, father, avid Christian, and sometimes gamer on his profile.

Josh Bowling, Abby, and Brittany Hensel were contacted, but we haven’t heard back from them yet. However, their marriage is surely a unique achievement deserving of celebration.

Dicephalus conjoined twins, a rare type of partial twinning in which two heads are connected side by side on a single torso, are Abby and Brittany. They share all organs below the waist and a bloodstream. Amazingly, Brittany controls their left arm and leg, while Abby controls their right.


The Hensel sisters’ lives were documented in the TLC reality series “Abby & Brittany” after their appearance on Oprah. The program followed their experiences throughout Europe after they received their degrees from Bethel College in Minnesota. The twins never allowed their special circumstances stop them from starting off. As a matter of fact, their parents taught them that they could accomplish everything they set their minds to.

The tale of Abby and Brittany is one of tenacity, willpower, and the efficacy of love. It’s a monument to the resilience of the human spirit and the seemingly endless opportunities that await those who refuse to let their circumstances define them. They provide as an example for everyone, showing that despite our difficulties, we are all capable of overcoming barriers and leading happy lives.

Doctors had offered to split Abby and Brittany apart at birth. However, after finding that the procedure entailed risks and would endanger the lives of both girls, their parents, Patty and Mike, had to make the painful decision to forgo the surgery. Mike shared his thoughts about their future in a 2001 interview with TIME, bringing up the prospect of marriage. He didn’t see any reason why the twins, like other conjoined twins who had made that leap, couldn’t find love and happiness.

The tale of Abby and Brittany serves as a reminder that love and beauty have no boundaries. Despite their unusual circumstances, they have amazing qualities that have won many people over. Their charisma, wit, and resilience characterize them instead of their illness.

We are reminded of the amazing journey that Josh and Abby have taken as we celebrate their union. They have discovered love in a society that frequently finds it difficult to comprehend individuals who are different, defied the odds, and broken prejudices. Their narrative serves as a monument to the strength of compassion, love, and the human spirit. We can all take a cue from them and celebrate our individuality as well as that of others.

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