Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Facing Devastating Vocal Cord Damage

The distinctive voice of Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler, a legendary rock singer, is currently in serious vocal cord trouble. According to reports earlier this week, Tyler’s vocal chord damage forced the band to postpone a month’s worth of tour dates. But according to latest reports, his condition may be considerably worse than first thought.

Tyler can hardly speak as a result of significant damage to his vocal cords, according to TMZ. The 75-year-old singer will undoubtedly recover, but it may take some time. It’s clear that his well-known singing voice is giving him a lot of difficulties.

Aerosmith announced the cancellation of multiple future performances in Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Raleigh, and Washington, D.C. in an Instagram post. These performances are now scheduled for early 2024. Doctors have instructed Tyler not to sing for the next 30 days, he revealed in a statement to his followers, expressing his disappointment.

The first words Tyler said were “To all our fans.” “I regret to inform you that I have been given severe instructions by my doctor not to sing for the next thirty days. During the performance on Saturday, I suffered damage to my vocal cords, which resulted in bleeding. We will have to reschedule a few events in order to return and give you the show you are due.

According to reports, Tyler may have blown out his vocal chords at a recent Long Island performance, which resulted in bleeding. After that, he went to Boston to see his ENT physician, who used X-rays to confirm the extent of the injury.


The incident happened early in Aerosmith’s performance, but Tyler kept playing and concealed his disability from the crowd. He can only “squeak” at this point, according to TMZ sources, when he tries to communicate.

Tyler isn’t going to let the obstacles stop him from getting back on stage as soon as possible. Even if hitting the high notes that his fans adore may be harmful to his vocal cords, he intends to keep doing it.

Aerosmith’s Peace Out: The Farewell Tour, which was originally scheduled to take place from September 2 to January 26, has had its timetable modified due to the postponements. The band will now resume their performances on Monday, October 11 and the tour will end at a later date.

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