Why Do Oven Doors Shatter and How to Prevent It?

There are two primary causes of oven door shattering: the kind of glass used and flaws in it. The majority of ovens employ sturdy borosilicate glass or tempered soda lime glass, which is less resistant to temperature changes.

However, during high heat cycles, such as those used in self-cleaning glass, minute defects like inclusions of nickel sulfide can cause the glass to spontaneously shatter. Handling oven doors gently, avoiding the use of scouring tools or heavy things on the door, and making sure foods within the oven stay away from the glass are all critical ways to prevent these kinds of accidents.

The chance of shattering can be considerably decreased by taking easy steps like using gentle cleaning equipment and avoiding temperature shocks, which will keep your kitchen safe and your oven in good operating order.


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