Soldier Is Paying For His Order But Changes His Mind When 2 Shivering Boys Tell Him They’re Starving

Military At a nearby Taco Bell, Fort Benning, Georgia, father-of-two Lt. Col. Robert Risdon showed compassion and humility. Two young boys, ages 9 and 13, approached him as he was eating to ask for donations to their church from the sale of their baked pastries. Lt. Col. Risdon surmised the youngsters were from a deprived background since they appeared weak, chilly, and wet.


Lt. Col. Risdon asked the boys if they were hungry and if they had eaten dinner, following his gut feeling. As it happened, they were starving. Lt. Col. Risdon extended a friendly invitation to the boys to eat with him, letting them select anything from the menu.

Jason Gibson, a different diner, saw the nice deed and recorded it on camera. He was moved by the incident and posted the video to Facebook in an attempt to motivate people and raise notice of the soldier’s amazing deed.The video went viral fast and attracted national media attention. Nonetheless, Lt. Col. Risdon maintained his modesty and stated that he thought many decent people carried out deeds of kindness on a daily basis.The altruistic deed of Lt. Col. Risdon serves as a reminder of the goodness in our country. His selflessness and kindness transcend the military’s obligation to safeguard and defend the nation, exemplifying the ideals that its soldiers honor.


Many people were moved by the narrative, which demonstrated the impact of a small deed of compassion. The deeds of Lt. Col. Risdon serve as a reminder that, whatever our own circumstances, we may all positively impact the lives of others.

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