When a toddler hears his favorite Elvis song, he rushes to the dance floor, making the King PROUD.

William, 2, took his parents by surprise when he dashed into the middle of a dance floor to perform a routine.

With an unplanned dance to the rhythm of Elvis Presley’s favorite rock song, Jailhouse Rock, the two-year-old stole the stage.

See how the toddler moves in time with the music, and then wait until the end to see what amazing feats he pulls off!

So where did William get his ideas from? The dance studio Studie43 is connected to his family. This young person has a great career in the dance and entertainment sectors based on this amazing dance. If nothing else, he’ll always have someone to dance with. He’s simply too cute. Is there anyone who could refuse?


He’s very cute, and it’s perfectly acceptable to let your children dance. I say that he has the right to express himself while he is only two years old. He’s doing a fantastic job. I enjoy how he bows and then just remains there for a little while, soaking up the praise from his supporters. He’s charming and talented!


See Tiny Willam’s amazing dance performance and tell others about his heartwarming act. Everyone will be delighted with this little dancer.

This young woman, not to be outdone, puts on her best Aretha Franklin routine:

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