«The replica of Noah’s ark!» One contractor builds an immense ark and attracts tourists worldwide

A carpenter builds a gigantic ark that is so beautiful that it leaves everyone in awe after 20 years of work!Let’s study this piece of art and observe its atmosphere!See this story for the behind-the-scenes photos.

Today’s post is about the contractor who was reared in North Holland. He was adamant that building a gigantic ark to help humanity survive a devastating flood was his destiny.

One may contend that his creation is a duplicate of Noah’s ark and that he was much influenced by it. To create an accurate copy, he watched a lot of movies, researched the Bible, and learned a lot about the real ark.

He started working on creating his own Johan’s ark with the help of assistants. These days, the main attraction is a huge show that takes place over several floors.

It also contains a movie theater and restaurant where social events like weddings and business meetings can be held. Take a look and share your thoughts with us!

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