Pierce Brosnan Reacts Angrily to Harsh Comments About His Wife’s Weirdness

Many have been intrigued and taken aback by Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith’s connection ever since their marriage 20 years ago.

The two, who are 59 and 69 years old, appear stunningly beautiful together, and anyone who is fortunate enough to see them side by side can’t help but be in love.

However, this couple was the buzz of the town due to their stunning good looks. People were curious about how they managed to stay together for such a long time.

Is there a more meaningful and profound link between them than meets the eye? Numerous individuals have expressed that their narrative is one of unadulterated love, a partnership that has endured and distinguished themselves amidst a plethora of Hollywood romance tales.


Global fans are enthralled with the intriguing mystery surrounding Pierce and Keely’s connection.

They have weathered life’s storms together with grace thanks to a special friendship that was built over two decades of trust, respect, and understanding. Their story is a charming example of a real-life romance with a happily ever after ending.

Seven years after they initially met in April 1994, on August 4, 2001, they were officially married in Ireland. The couple has since given birth to two boys, Dylan Thomas Brosnan and Paris Beckett Brosnan.

Shortly after their children were born, Smith’s looks began to change. She gained some weight, which prompted hurtful remarks about her appearance.

The relationship between Brosnan and Smith has often demonstrated that there is more to it than meets the eye, despite the fact that some may have found it strange that the former James Bond star would remain with someone whose outward appearance has changed so drastically.

This charismatic duo has frequently demonstrated that true love is not constrained by outward norms like physical attractiveness. Beyond physical appearance concerns, they share an enduring kinship.

Famed Irish actor Pierce Brosnan has been making great big-screen performances for nearly three decades. Pierce left school at the age of sixteen and spent three years training at the Drama Centre in London, England, to become a stage actor.

His portrayal of Remington Steele in the eponymous television series from 1982 to 1987 was one of his early breakout roles.

Before becoming well-known as 007 in the four James Bond movies GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Die Another Day, Brosnan starred in a number of movies, such as Mrs. Doubtfire and The Fourth Protocol.

Throughout his prosperous career and personal life, Pierce Brosnan has made it apparent that he values his wife’s endearing nature and doesn’t let conventional beauty standards or other people’s opinions of her define their marriage.

Even when they were the target of outside scrutiny and criticism, Pierce had gone to considerable measures to protect his and his wife’s honor. This demonstrates the depth of their affection.

Among the many difficulties Sean Brosnan had in his life was the death of Cassandra Harris, his first wife, from ovarian cancer after an 11-year marriage.

In addition to adopting Christopher and Charlotte, Harris’s children from a previous marriage, after their father passed away in 1986, the couple also had one biological child, Sean Brosnan.

It was fortunate for Brosnan to have Antony Smith at his side at this difficult moment. He provided him with all the assistance and support he need.

Among his many accomplishments, Smith has established himself as an actor, writer, journalist, and television personality. Through all of Brosnan’s ups and downs in life, he has never ceased trying to inspire him.


For many years, Pierce Brosnan has been a well-known figure in the public eye. His spouse Keely Shaye Smith has appeared with him on a number of television programs, such as “General Hospital,” “Good Morning America,” “The Home Show,” and “Entertainment Tonight.”

Though she has faced backlash for gaining weight with the birth of their two children, Brosnan has remained a devoted and kind spouse, supporting her through good times and bad.

Even in difficult times, Brosnan has remained devoted to Smith during their marriage. He is appreciative of her for being there for him when he needed her. They look into one other’s eyes and seem to be falling in love all over again.

Brosnan supports her in the face of hurtful remarks made about her postpartum body shape, demonstrating that their love is stronger than ever.

They clearly have a strong link that no other person could ever equal, even after all these years together.

Pierce Brosnan acknowledged that he experienced weak knees anytime his second wife, Keely Smith, gazed at him following the tragic deaths of his first wife and children.

The seasoned actor was fortunate to have a companion who supported and understood him throughout a difficult period. This aided in his recovery and allowed him to carry on with his life.

He felt that her love for him served as a beacon, encouraging him to gaze ahead instead of back. Brosnan found solace in the knowledge that Kelly was by his side no matter what, and he could still sense Cassie’s presence in his life even after all these years.

Because his wife is unique and compassionate, Pierce Brosnan has always appreciated and liked her. This was further demonstrated when internet trolls started publicly making fun of Smith’s body.

The popular MTV host of “Teen Mom,” Jenelle Evans, chose to share two pictures of Brosnan and Smith on her Facebook page: one from their early dating days and the other more recent.

A statement that made several disparaging remarks regarding Smith’s appearance was attached to these images. After Brosnan used similar foul language in his response to Evans, Facebook took the necessary action to resolve the issue.

Evans recently shared a picture of herself and her partner on Facebook, writing, “This is us.” When Eason made the joke that they didn’t appear as large as the photo gave them credit for, Evans laughed and retorted, “Close to it!”

Sadly, they were banned from Facebook for a brief period of time after their prank offended the social media platform’s watchdogs.

Although he is aware that Smith has been accustomed to receiving attacks from strangers on the internet, Brosnan seemed more concerned about remarks made by people who know them.

In an interview, Brosnan stated, “Her friends even suggested she seek weight-loss surgery.” “But, I think she looks fantastic; I like every single curve of her body, especially after carrying and delivering our five beautiful children,” I said, disregarding the opinions of others.

Despite everything that life has thrown at them, Brosnan and Smith have remained by each other, and they seem sincerely in love. In honor of their 20th wedding anniversary, Brosnan and his spouse shared a sweet before-and-after photo on Instagram along with a kind message.

The celebrity wrote, “Happy anniversary, my dear Keely, my love forever increases with you.” It seems like love is in the air when it comes to this well-known couple.

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