Man who scaled mountain for first sunrise of 2024 captures photo of figure in the clouds

After photographing an uncommon occurrence while mounting a mountain to welcome the new year, a man’s image is gradually gaining popularity on the internet.

Rhys Pleming, a hiker, chose to ascend Snowdon, the highest peak in both England and Wales, as a way to commemorate January 1.

His companion and he had set out to photograph the first dawn of the decade, but he could never have predicted what they would see.

Rhys was rewarded not just with the sight of the Broken specter, an exceptionally rare sight, but also with the opportunity to savor the sunrise.


The hiker captured some incredible photos that seem to depict a person traveling through the clouds while bathed in a circular rainbow of light.

Reports state that the unearthly phenomena happens when a person staring into mist from a higher ridge is backlit by the low sun. The forward projection of the spectator’s shadow creates the appearance of someone in the clouds and a silhouette against the rainbow.

“Me and my friend decided to go up anyway,” Rhys said to North Wales Live, “even though there was only a 50/50 chance of seeing the sunrise because of the cloud.”

I think I reached the summit at around 8.15 a.m. and began to take a few photos of the dawn when he told me to go ahead because he was moving a little more slowly than I was. At that point, there were also a few more persons present.

“The Brocken specter occurred about an hour later, when my friend reached the summit. The time was ideal. It was just sheer luck.

Even if it was just pure luck, nobody can argue that it doesn’t make for an incredibly beautiful shot. What a wonderful way to start 2020!

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