Kitten was dyed with toxic blue paint and left in the rain — rescuers help her make a stunning transformation

The way some people treat animals is just horrible, but happily, there are also good people who are prepared to stand up and provide these unfortunate animals with the love and care they require.

That was the tale of a helpless cat that was horribly colored blue and abandoned for dead, but who was miraculously transformed by a rescuer.

The Moho, a YouTube channel, claims that the cat was found outside in the rain. She was purportedly dyed with deadly blue ink for “cruel fun” before being thrown away.

After finding the cat, animal rescuer Amauri Gomes rushed her to the veterinarian. They started the laborious process of delicately washing the blue paint off of her with oils and cleansers safe for pets.


The rescuers were able to remove 90% of the paint with patience and time. The cat endured agonizing pain during the procedure, and a large portion of her fur fell out, but they tried their best to keep her relaxed and peaceful, and she seemed cooperative.

Fittingly, they gave the cat the name “Blue.” After being fed and given medical attention by the rescuers, Blue rapidly started to recover and was said to have the “sweetest demeanor.”

And when they scraped off the majority of the blue paint, her natural colors showed through, a stunning layer of gray and white.

After the cat recovered, put on some weight, and returned to her original hues, she was allegedly put up for adoption.

Though it’s unfathomable that someone would dye a cat this shade of blue, we’re relieved that she’s recovered and is now back to her natural color.I’m grateful to everyone who helped preserve Blue!

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