Thousands Watch Eagle Couple Bicker Over Child Rearing Tactics While Waiting for Eggs to Hatch

Thousands of people have been enthralled in the spectacle that has developed around the expectation that a Californian bald eagle couple’s eggs would hatch. The California conservation group Friends of Big Bear Valley set up a live cam that has been broadcasting the eagles’ nesting activity on YouTube. People from all over the world have been watching the drama between Jackie and Shadow, the two birds, develop.

The couple arguing over who should keep the eggs warm in the nest has provided watchers with an unexpected spectacle while they wait for the eggs to hatch. The group posted an update on Facebook, stating that Jackie would stay the night on the eggs and then call for Shadow early in the morning. After Jackie returns, Shadow would take over, but lately, he has grown more obstinate and won’t go.

The organization made light of the incident, calling Jackie’s refusal to take the eggs out of them for several hours, calling it “playing hardball.” She had to lay on Shadow once to get him to move. Over 30,000 people have tuned in to watch the live feed from the nest as a result of the two birds’ antics.

Even with their arguments, love drives everything they do. Big Bear Valley locals revealed that Jackie is understanding and tolerant with Shadow’s love of incubating eggs, and that’s why she typically gives him more time with them. She gives him a soft nuzzle or pat when she’s had enough and tells him it’s time to go. She then swiftly intervenes to tend to the eggs herself.

Additionally, the company stated that Jackie mostly oversees the nest, particularly in inclement weather. She demonstrated her commitment as a mother by keeping vigil over the nest for an amazing 62 hours during a recent storm.

Using the live cam, it’s amazing to observe the dedication and subtleties of nature up close. Jackie and Shadow have an incredibly strong bond, and their arguments just heighten the excitement for the eggs to hatch. Watch this stunning display of the beauties of nature as they come together.

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