Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Shares Cancer Scare Experience

Janelle Brown, star of Sister Wives, opens up about her recent cancer scare. The 54-year-old reality actress revealed on Instagram that she need surgery to remove two precancerous growths. Brown asked her fans to prioritize getting regular skin check-ups in an emotional post that featured a photo of her lip sutures.

Brown stressed the value of having a skin examination, even if you, like her, have always used sunscreen sparingly. Since she has fair complexion, she has always exercised caution. She did, however, have a basal cell cancer excised shortly after the Covid-19 epidemic, in spite of her best efforts. She now visits the doctor yearly for a check-up from head to toe.

Brown had a little lump removed from her lip and two precancerous lesions frozen at her most recent visit. She thinks it’s worth it, even if making the appointment and going through some discomfort at first can be difficult. She was able to halt the precancerous spots in their tracks by being proactive.

Brown initially disclosed her diagnosis with basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer that is not malignant, in 2021. Watchers of Sister Wives were the ones who first discovered a pimple above her lip in certain situations. She began treating it with scar medication at first, thinking it was a fresh cold sore. But when it stopped developing and began to expand, she went to the doctor, where she was diagnosed.

Thankfully, the malignant region was effectively removed, and Brown is pleased to inform that she is currently doing well. The world and their families need them, so she ends her post with hashtags urging others to prioritize preventing skin cancer and scheduling their own consultations.


The story of Janelle Brown should serve as a reminder to all of us to value our health and take the required precautions to avoid and identify any potential health problems. Routine examinations can be a straightforward but essential component of preserving our health. So let’s take her advice and make sure to do regular skin checks to identify any issues early on. It’s worth it for your health!

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