Rescue Dog ‘So Pregnant She Couldn’t Even Walk’ Gives Birth to 11 ‘Adorable’ Puppies

Introducing Meter Maid, the amazing rescue dog that Austin Pets Alive (APA) recently welcomed 11 beautiful babies into her pack. Meter Maid’s story is one of love and tenacity in the face of adversity.

When this courageous mama dog arrived at APA, she was characterized as “very shut down and scared.” She had been found as a stray in Austin, Texas. She could hardly walk because she was not only pregnant but also extremely heavy. She was obviously in need of urgent assistance and attention.

Meter Maid didn’t let her restricted mobility get to her down. Every time she needed some sunshine and fresh air, the APA staff would wheel her outdoors in a wagon. Desperately awaiting the arrival of her puppies, Meter Maid basked in the sun’s warmth.

Meter Maid gave birth to 11 gorgeous and healthy puppies at APA after just 16 days of devoted care. Although the number shocked the shelter workers, it made sense given Meter Maid’s large pregnant tummy. Like their mother, the puppies are already winning people over and melting hearts wherever they go.

The doggie dozen will stay at APA until they are weaned and prepared to be adopted into devoted homes, so they will enjoy their early days there. When her puppies are old enough to go on their own, Meter Maid can be adopted so that she can find a loving home of her own.


Charming names like Construction Zone, Detour, Valet, Driveway, Parallel Park, Speed Limit, Stop Sign, Sidewalk, Parking Ticket, Street Parking, and Crosswalk have been given to the puppies, who bear their mother’s name. These names capture the individuality and beauty of every tiny dog to the hilt.

The APA believes that by sharing Meter Maid’s tale, people would be motivated to support animals in need, especially weaker creatures like strays who are pregnant. Taking care of eleven puppies in a large dog family presents its own set of difficulties and costs. An estimated $1,000 is needed to house, vaccinate, and feed a family of dogs for a few weeks, according to APA estimates. The amazing work that the rescue is doing is so that others might think about making a donation.

Check out the website of Austin Pets Alive! if you’re interested in adopting one of Meter Maid’s puppies or finding out more about their incredible work. We can improve animal lives and provide them with the love and care they need by banding together and supporting groups like APA.

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