Pregnant Sofia Richie Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump: ‘Morning from Us’

Model Sofia Richie, who is expecting a child, recently shared pictures of her expanding baby belly on Instagram. Richie is seen smiling broadly in a photo she shared on her Instagram Story, sporting a gray vest top and a baseball cap, and she says “Morning from us” to her fans. She seems to be welcoming this new phase of her life with happiness and optimism.

However, Sofia Richie’s pregnancy has been about more than just showing off her growing baby bulge. She discussed her worries about stretch marks in a recent TikTok video. Richie, like a lot of expectant mothers, is making every effort to avoid them. She revealed that in order to maintain her skin smooth and free of stretch marks, her doctor had prescribed a shea butter treatment called Bump Butter, which she had been using consistently.

When Richie revealed in January that she and her husband, Elliot Grainge, are expecting a daughter, it marked the beginning of her path to parenting. The pair is excitedly anticipating the birth of their daughter, who they married in April 2023. According to Richie, their baby’s gender was discovered during a playful gender reveal event. Their OB texted Richie’s assistant the gender, and she made two party poppers, one blue and one pink. To everyone’s amazement, the popper they selected revealed that they were expecting a girl because the right color was inside it.

Sofia Richie keeps giving her followers peeks into her pregnancy as she gets ready to welcome her baby girl. Her enthusiastic and upbeat attitude to motherhood serves as an inspiration to many. Follow along for more updates from this gorgeous soon-to-be mother!

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