My neighbor requested that I care for her 6 children – I called children services a couple of hours after she left

Following the six-mother’s departure from Child Services at her door and her assurance that she will return on Sunday, a woman took to Reddit to inquire as to whether she had contacted the organization incorrectly.

OP claimed that the children’s mother was skilled at convincing the neighbors to watch the kids for her. The mother had been tricked into watching the kids in the past, even though she refused to watch other people’s kids.

Yesterday, she came to my door once more. Then I pretended to be somewhere else. She continued to tap more firmly, and I thought she might remove the mailbox. I went to answer then. In her essay, OP stated, “She quickly stated that she will return on Sunday and said a few things that I didn’t fully grasp.” Her six children are seven years old to six months old. When I told her I couldn’t, she told me the black cab was waiting for her. I tried to grip her hand and told her I couldn’t stop her, but she ran away and got into the taxi.


Exels Unexpectedly, OP discovered that the children she had invited over to her house were alone. Unsure of what to do, she texted the mother, threatening to contact Children’s Services if the mother didn’t come back to take up her children within the next forty minutes. After she did not reply to the text message and left the same message, OP tried to call her. The mother retorted that she was already out of town and couldn’t possibly return in such a short amount of time.

She also mentioned that if OP was unable to care for them, their other neighbor, Jenifer, who was 68 years old and in bad health, could.


“I stressed that if she wasn’t here in ten, she could pick them up at the local council if they found she was a suitable mother. She used profanity before telling me that I would never. Since it seemed like she was playing a joke on me, I went ahead and did what she said. I called Child Services and texted her to let her know everything was done. She threatened to murder me if I didn’t phone her back, saying she was halfway to Blackpool. I sent her a video via text when Child Services came to pick them up. According to OP, the police were also there and they asked a lot of questions concerning the mother. They claimed that in the event of illicit behavior, they regularly go along with rescue missions to pick up abandoned youngsters.

Although OP was positive that what she had done was the right thing to do, her husband—who had grown up in foster care—was enraged with her. He accused her of breaking the mother’s relationship with her kids and said that she alerted Child Services before the mother had a chance to come get the kids.

He maintained that she should have obeyed their mother’s orders and left the children at Jennifer’s or in the taxi, not taking them there in the first place.

“I haven’t slept very much because my husband left for work without saying anything to me,” the OP added. “He informed me of things he had gone through and things he knew others in care had gone through, and he told me that anything that happens to those children in care is on my head.” I wonder if I should find a way to make the kids feel better and get them out of there, or if I should go back to Child Services and explain that it was just a misunderstanding or that I overreacted. “I had no idea foster care was that bad,” she said as she came to a close.

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