Michelle Obama Shuts Down Renewed Rumors About Last-Minute Presidential Run

Michelle Obama, the 60-year-old former first lady, has not declared her intention to run for president, despite rumors and conjecture indicating she would be a formidable contender.

Obama’s office director of communications, Crystal Carson, confirmed to PEOPLE that “she will not be running for president.” Obama, on the other hand, will stick with endorsing President Joe Biden for reelection, as she did during the 2020 election.

Obama is fiercely committed to backing Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, but sources have indicated that her participation may be restricted because of her other obligations and reluctance to fully embrace politics. But in the 2020 election, her words and encouragement were vital in defeating Donald Trump and electing Biden and Harris.

Obama’s efforts with When We All Vote, a nonprofit organization dedicated to voter registration that she co-founded in 2018 with well-known friends like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tom Hanks, and Janelle Monáe, demonstrate her commitment to democracy. The organization works to boost voter registration and motivate eligible persons to cast ballots in elections by using social media and digital communication.

Obama’s team and the Biden campaign have held preliminary talks over how her nonpartisan organization may support the forthcoming campaign as November draws near. The future of democracy may be further shaped by Obama as a result of this partnership.


The impact of Michelle Obama transcends politics. Her recent win of her second Grammy for Best Audio Book Recording cemented her status as a multi-talented artist. Individuals from all backgrounds have found common ground with her First Lady experiences and her steadfast advocacy for things she deeply believes in.

Obama candidly expressed in her book “The Light We Carry” her concerns over her husband’s presidential campaign. However, she is adamant that standing by him was the right choice, stressing the significance of letting go of fear and accepting change. Her quest has been motivated by the hardships that African Americans, like her grandfathers, had to endure because of their lack of chances and fear. Barack Obama continues to uplift and empower individuals all throughout the country by promoting good change.

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