Mason: Britain’s Most Unwanted Dog

All shelter dogs want to live in a loving home, but some are not as fortunate as others to have that opportunity. Introducing Mason, an eight-year-old German Shepherd mix who has been a part of Hilbrae Rescue Kennels in Shropshire, England, for an amazing five years. After enduring many hardships, this strong puppy is now looking for his everlasting home.

In 2019, Mason’s adventure started when he was discovered as a stray. His early years, spent chained up and without food or water, are still unknown. Mason has come a long way despite his difficult beginning. He was originally at risk of not being adopted, but he has since conquered behavioral challenges with the assistance of a committed trainer.

Mason has already been placed in two different homes, but neither of them ended happily. However, the staff at the shelter is optimistic about his future. Mason’s behavior has greatly improved and he can now walk unassisted without a muzzle. He deserves a shot at a loving home because he is a kind dog that is willing to please.

Mason’s ideal forever home has been sought after by Hilbrae Rescue Kennels with great dedication. They think he would be happy living alone with grownups in a peaceful home devoid of other animals. But in spite of their efforts, they haven’t been successful in finding the ideal fit. Mason has therefore been in the shelter for the most of his life, earning the moniker “Britain’s most unwanted dog.”

The fact that larger canines, like Mason, frequently have to wait longer to be adopted than smaller dogs is depressing. “We find bigger dogs do get overlooked more, but not to this extent,” says kennel manager Marty Burrell. Mason has been abandoned for a long time; smaller dogs can find new homes in as little as a week.

Don’t give up though! The staff at the shelter is certain that Mason will find the ideal home somewhere. When he gains trust, he is exceedingly affectionate despite his size. Mason only has to get the opportunity to demonstrate his affectionate side and be accepted for the amazing dog he is.

A dog shouldn’t have to wait in a shelter their whole life. Mason, the “most unwanted dog,” is someone we hope will find him a forever home soon. For additional information, please get in touch with Hilbrae Rescue Kennels if you’re interested in adopting Mason and you live nearby. In the event that you are unable to adopt him yourself, kindly tell his tale to help him find a caring home. Let’s assist Mason in realizing his aspirations!

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