Man gives tour of 450-sq-foot cabin that looks simple on the outside but is ‘magical’ inside


There is a selection of the loveliest tiny homes and vacation rentals nestled in the picturesque Hocking Hills of Ohio, where the surrounding natural beauty softly emphasizes any residence.

With the stunning views that envelop every house, it seems almost unnecessary to improve the outside in this area.
The surprise within the GloCabin sets it apart from the others in addition to its exterior design.


Some people might find its matte black exterior and dark Alderwood French doors to be a little too gloomy from the outside.

However, it stands out and makes a statement against the verdant backdrop of nature thanks to its understated yet elegant color palette.



Everything changes as you step into the GloCabin. It seems as though the lodge’s dark exterior disappears to reveal a bright, welcoming inside.

The design, which takes its cues from California Casual, expertly blends wood details with muted colors to create a calm and comfortable space.

The shared areas are cleverly designed to encourage interaction and easy mobility.The living area seems roomy despite its seeming tiny size because it is adjacent to the kitchen and breakfast bar.Plenty of room to lounge and watch TV or simply enjoy the outdoors strikes the perfect balance between comfort and usefulness.

Cooking enthusiasts will find the GloCabin’s kitchen to be a treat.It features every appliance you might possibly need, and the central island is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

This space is not only utilized for food prep but also doubles as a bar where meals may be consumed, adding to the cabin’s appeal.


The bedroom, which is accessible from both sides of the cottage, is another feature.With ample room to walk around the bed and additional closet and storage space, it’s designed with comfort in mind.

Additionally, the smooth transition to the outside is achieved by the doors on either side, which open to separate decks. Envision dining al fresco while soaking in the amazing vista!



The bathroom maintains the cabin’s light and airy atmosphere.

The spacious shower disproves the notion that this is a tiny home.

The vanity table, which was salvaged and repurposed from an old potter’s table, adds a unique touch by combining utility and history.

But the surprises don’t end there. A second door in the bathroom leads to a terrace that features a Japanese Cedar Spa tub.It’s the perfect spot to relax after a day of hiking because it provides comfort in the heart of the nature. This tiny house proves that size is not a barrier to magnificence.

The clever design of the GloCabin allows it to be positioned to optimize outdoor space. This place is ideal for people who love being outside because it has decks with amazing views and easy access to hiking trails.

Whether you’re going for an early morning jog or an afternoon of leisure, the GloCabin offers the perfect combination of comfort and nature.

See Levi Kelly give you a tour of the GloCabin by watching the video below!

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