Man Builds An Igloo For His Family, But When You Look Inside You’ll See Why It Went Viral

An Ohio man is rarely featured in the news, but when he is, it’s generally for a valid cause. Blake Dixon is one of those individuals that enjoys winter. As a child, in fact, he fantasized of building a snow castle since he liked it so much. A few years later, he realized his childhood ambition and built the largest igloo to date!

Regretfully, initially, things didn’t seem too promising.

Snow stones that were removed from a nearby pond were used to build the igloo. Dixon didn’t stop there, though, and he was able to design a complex interior with insulated walls that kept the igloo warm enough for his family.


Dixon not only built insulation but also some incredible features like an internal couch and a TV that run on solar power. His igloo was made all the more charming on the outside with elaborate snow sculptures and vibrant flags.

Blake’s friend who assisted him in building the igloo stated, “When we first started working on it, all we had was a pile of snow, and then we were working on the inside to pull it all out.” “The top collapsed, but we were able to reconstruct the dome with a little bit of Blake’s inventiveness and persistence.”

Dixon’s family had a winter paradise in the end, so it’s understandable why this amazing artwork went viral so rapidly on social media! The magnificent igloo and the wonderful work that Dixon put into it went viral on the internet. Inside the igloo is a “snow castle” that his family may enjoy, complete with a sitting area, corridor, and second room.

This is a real example of how dreams may come true if you work hard enough. Dixon has demonstrated that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it, regardless of where you are from or the resources you have available! Seeing individuals like him share their experiences and offer hope to others is encouraging. Dixon deserves praise for his amazing job!


Dixon’s igloo can accommodate two children and seven adults, or a large group of children at once. He wasn’t even done with his igloo when it was initially made public. He still intends to expand the igloo beyond its current size by adding more buildings to it.

A feature Dixon wished to add to his igloo was a chimney and fireplace that was connected. He intends to work with a group of fellow Ohioans to create an igloo that any citizen of the state would be proud to claim was constructed there.

If Dixon had his wish, this igloo would become a symbol of happiness and fun during the winter months in Ohio.

Blake Dixon is feeling successful and pleased of the miracles he’s been able to create from only a mound of snow blocks now that his incredible masterpiece has gone viral. His igloo serves as evidence that everything is achievable with enough commitment and effort!

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