Kirsten Dunst Regrets ‘Never’ Saying Anything When She Was Called ‘Girly-Girl’ on Spider-Man Set

The Spider-Man movie star Kirsten Dunst recently talked about how she regretted not speaking up for herself while working on the film. Dunst revealed in an interview with Marie Claire that she was never vocal about being called a “girly-girl” on the Spider-Man set.

It was a joke, but occasionally on Spider-Man, they would refer to me as a “girly-girl” over the walkie-talkie. “We require girlie-girl.” However, I remained silent. .. Don’t call me that, please! Dunst said. Speaking out against such insults was unheard of in Hollywood at the time. “You remained silent. You simply took it, she said.

Dunst also disclosed that, in her younger years, she had confided in her manager that she thought her hiring was motivated by people wanting to have sex with her. She therefore gravitated toward working early on with female directors in order to steer clear of such circumstances.

Dunst declined to take use of her fame in the Spider-Man franchise to turn herself into a “movie-star-movie-star.” Rather, she went with her intuition and looked for parts that resonated with her. She did, however, acknowledge that because of her financial obligations, she would think about taking on another large-scale superhero project.

Civil War, a political thriller starring Kirsten Dunst, will open in theaters on April 26. She wants to encourage people to speak out against inappropriate behavior in the entertainment sector by sharing her regrets and experiences.

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