Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Look Back at Their Past Fashions: ‘I Don’t Know What Was Happening’

Recently, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos got up on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live for a fun fashion game. The couple’s reactions to their wardrobe selections from the 1990s and early 2000s took them on a trip down memory lane. They were chatting candidly and hilariously about their former styles.

The couple’s eye-popping patterned ensemble from the 2000 Soap Opera Digest Awards was one of the most memorable looks. Kelly and Mark were asked to indicate if they thought their ensembles were “Red Carpet Glam” or “Not a Fan” after looking over the pictures. Kelly gave a fantastic reaction. She defended her ensemble and burst out laughing, remarking, “Let me just say, the outfit is fabulous.” I’m not sure what was going on, but it was all fashionable at the time.

When Mark saw a photo of himself in a Gucci suit by Tom Ford with a damask print, he too experienced a moment of truth. Although he acknowledged that he still had it, he said he wouldn’t wear it. As the game went on, viewers saw Mark’s carefree event style as he said he was “Not a Fan” of one particular costume that included flip-flops.

Kelly’s affinity for lavish attire, best represented by her turquoise-and-gold Bob Mackie gown at the 1993 Daytime Emmys, was a subject of discussion as well. She had a pageant-like style, exquisite makeup, and gorgeous hair that made her look like a real soap opera star. Kelly joked that she didn’t apply her own cosmetics and hair for the occasion. They also laughed when she said Teresa Giudice’s $10,000 wedding day hair looked like her jaw-dropping updo.

Recently, the pair has been experiencing a lot of nostalgia for their past romance. Their enduring love was recently showcased when they replicated their 1996 wedding photo from Las Vegas. While filming All My Children in 1995, Kelly and Mark got to know one another and fell in love right away.


After less than a year of dating, they eloped in Las Vegas and went on to create a lovely family. Even after 28 years, their wedding memories are still quite clear. Kelly stated, “We still treasure those moments now. Even after 28 years, we can still vividly recall every second of that wedding. And it was only a few minutes, really. It lasted for around two minutes.

See Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos talk on their previous wardrobe selections in the video below:

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