Jessica Biel Shares Images of ‘Mob Boss Morning’ After Celebrating 42nd Birthday

Jessica Biel gave her fans a peek into her “Mob Boss Morning” the morning following her 42nd birthday. The actress posted a few pictures to Instagram of herself with a cookie and a cup of coffee while sporting sunglasses and a gray sweatshirt. “Mob Boss Morning” is how Biel captioned the photos, displaying her lighthearted and mischievous side.

That’s not all, though. Additionally, Biel threw a lavish birthday celebration along with some stunning pictures in which she fully embraced her inner boss. In one picture, she was wearing a black jacket, stockings, heeled ankle boots, sunglasses, and a relaxed pose on a cream couch while confidently kicking one leg up. In a another photo, she was seen posing with a big light in front of patterned wallpaper, looking sophisticated and elegant. Of course, there was also a picture of her pouting boldly on the couch while wearing a black miniskirt. With the words “Not a mob wife, a mob BOSS,” Biel annotated this set of pictures.

Jessica Biel obviously knows how to throw a stylish celebration for her special day. Her spouse, Justin Timberlake, contributed to the birthday celebrations as well by posting a touching video ode to Tina Turner’s song “The Best.” In the video, Timberlake showed his affection for Biel and included sweet glimpses of their kids, Phineas and Silas.

Although Biel and Timberlake generally avoid the spotlight, fans were delighted to get this peek into their family life. The fact that Biel and Timberlake still encourage and commemorate one another’s accomplishments shows what a solid and devoted partnership they share.

Jessica Biel, then, demonstrates that she can genuinely boss any event, whether she’s taking pleasure in a relaxed “Mob Boss Morning” or soaking in her family’s affection.

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