Former circus elephants separated for 22 years – cameras catch moment they reunite for the 1st time

Although some may argue otherwise, I believe that at this point it is necessary to acknowledge that all animals are sentient beings. Sure, some more than others, but those days of calling the creatures with which we coexist on this planet as beasts are long gone.


Animals are capable of experiencing both love and grief, as well as fear and delight, and occasionally pictures or movies will reveal them at their most genuine.

One such instance occurred on PBS in 2000 as a result of a story that soon attracted attention from all across the world. It is about two ex-circus elephants who had been apart for an astounding twenty-two years. You don’t want to miss the devastating moment they were reunited, as captured on camera.

The video was shot at the Tennessee-based Elephant Sanctuary, where Shirley and Jenny, two elephants, are shown getting together for the first time in more than 20 years. Even though it’s common knowledge that elephants have extraordinary memory, this scene of love and affection is incredibly moving.

The two elephants renew their bond that was established when they were both circus animals, surprising even the keepers.

Shirley and Jenny quickly close a gap of over twenty years after they instantly recognize one another at the gates.

EVERY animal on this planet deserves to live a happy life.

We don’t have the right to imprison them! If you agree, please share this article.

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